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Company Stores

How nice would it be to have one place to order all your promotional items?  All your t-shirts, caps, koozies and pens in one place.  And you ordered them as you needed to without multiple phone calls and emails to get the products.  

Welcome to a company store.  So how does it work?  First we need your logo in vector format.  Then we need to know what products you need.  From there we create an online store where you can see a mock up of the product and pricing.  You order directly from your online store.  We create the product and ship it to you.  If you are in our area, we will deliver it to your doorstep! 

Fan Wear

How many times have you tried to order shirts for the parents of your child’s baseball team and wanted to pull your hair out?  It’s so time consuming and frustrating and similar to herding cats!

This is where we make your life easy.  Send us a message with your design and logo.  Tell us what apparel or product you are needing and the date it must be in your hands.  We can then begin to find these products (and more!) and start creating an online store for you.  Don’t have a design?  We can do that too!  Once your store is created, you can then share it on your social media and email it out to all.  They can then order exactly what they want, pay for it online and we ship it directly to them.  Or we can do a drop off to you for bulk distribution.

Who do we work with?  Adult sports leagues, youth sports, school organizations like STEM, FFA.  Basically, if you need a product for your organization, we can do it.  Need to raise money for your organization?  We can do that as well!

Fan wear hoodie
cancer support

Cancer Support Gear

Having cancer sucks.  We have first hand experience of how powerful support gear can be when you have cancer.  Dana is a colorectal cancer survivor and every time our friends and family wore a shirt with that powerful message, it gave us a huge boost.  And being able to customize it to really say what you want is a big deal!

Most of what we create for cancer support is t-shirts and hoodies.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Need blankets? Totes? Caps?  We can do that as well.  We design your fight message then create an online store with products you have requested.  You can then share it with as many supporters as possible.  We make the product and ship directly to the customer.  There is also a section on the checkout screen someone can share their uplifting message and we make sure to send it directly to the cancer warrior.

Are you hosting a fundraising event and need bulk t-shirts?  We can create your design, add sponsor logos on the back and ship/deliver the bulk order to you for distribution.

Logo Design

Creating your company can be easier and a lot less stressful than designing the company logo.  We make it simple.  We need some basic information from you to get started.  Then, we create logos that standout and help you get noticed.  

Logo idea

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you asked we answer

Absolutely!  You might find it interesting that 72% of people believe that the quality of the promo product they receive is directly related to the reputation of the company.  Hence the reason we focus on quality products.  One promo item gets an average of 344 impressions per month!

We prefer to have your artwork in a vector PDF.  This is not a regular PDF file.  A vector image can be scaled smaller or bigger without losing resolution.

No.  This type of image (jpeg) will be grainy and fuzzy when applied to any product.  If you don’t have a vector version of your artwork, most of the time we can convert if for you for a fee.  This fee is dependent on the jpeg quality and time needed to complete the conversion.

YES!  That’s one of our favorite things to do.  All we need is your logo in vector format and your ideas.  We do the rest!

Our core brands are Next Level, District, Gildan and SportTek.  We can also get brands like Carhartt, Nike, Travis Matthews and other top designer apparel.  We are constantly searching for new, quality brands that have large volumes in stock.

Maybe.  The supply chain shortages hit the apparel industry and it’s very slowly bouncing back.  The particular cap is the most requested…in the country!  There are so many other quality brands and styles available.  If you are flexible on what you need, we most likely can find a fantastic alternative if what you want in the 112 isn’t available.

No.  From time to time, we put a design on backward or a logo upside down.  If you supply the item, we may not be able to replace that item.  So we only decorate items we order.

YES!  our most requested non-apparel items are business cards, tumblers, koozies and banners.  We have over 1 million products available to us.  So yes, we do more than t-shirts.

ready to work with us?

We hope so!  We are ready to work with you!